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Whether he's right or wrong is almost a moot point, because Boo's incessant prattling will entertain you, anger you, and quite possibly make you rethink your own outlook on life.

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My Wrap-Up Of The 2016-2017 Television Season
          Continuing my annual tradition of reviewing the TV shows that I've begun, continued, and ceased to watch. This year, as an added bonus, I will be writing a "part 2" to this post wherein I give my tech tips for how to follow your shows and how to watch them whether home or away. So, without further ado, let's get on with the show! (Pun intended)
How to heal our country.
            It's at times like this I remember what I taught the group of Boy Scouts about Citizenship in America. Simply this: "You show respect to the office. If the President enters a room I'm in, I stand up, I address them as Mister/Madam President, and I shake their hand if given the chance. Same goes for all elected officials. However, they do not control my thoughts and beliefs, and I am not bound to agree with them."
The Best And Worst 2015 16 Television Shows
          So I did one of these for last season and it seemed to be well-received, so now I'm going to keep it going. Think I'll play with format a bit. As of me beginning to write this I'm not sure if I want to group everything by air date (Sunday shows, Monday shows, etc.), genre (like last year), random stream of conscience like most of my other posts, or something else. Also, do I do a bullet list, full paragraph form (again, like last time), or some hybrid of everything listed above. Well, let's find out together shall we?
The Silent Death Of A HERO
The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, also known as the HERO law, was voted down in Houston's 2015 election. Many are citing this as a loss for LGTB equal rights, but is it? Was this a victory for discrimination, hate groups, and others who project their personal beliefs on race, gender, sexual orientation, self identification, etcetera onto everyone else around them? Or is this yet another example of people voluntarily giving away their freedoms, even if it is with the best of intentions. Take a moment to digest that, read this whole blog before reacting, and then discuss...
Accepting the Liebster Award
          The Liebster Award is given by bloggers to bloggers that have less than 200 subscribers. It's a way to recognize the hard work and effort of new bloggers, or perhaps those that could use some help reaching a bigger audience. I believe I would fall into the latter category there, as I have been blogging for over 3 years now and could hardly consider myself new; even though i am in many ways still a novice. Regardless, I am still honored and humbled to be awarded this, and hope that I can keep up the standard that my small audience has grown accustomed to.
How To Save Investigative Journalists From Extinction
          Let's face it, the days of Woodward and Bernstein are no more. Lois Lane and April O'Neil aren't real. No one is reporting for the sake of "the story", they are only trying to get "the scoop". And sadly for all of us, that scoop is littered with celebrity gossip and pictures of them wearing little to nothing at all. What once was a respectable occupation of uncovering truths and exposing both unethical or criminal behavior has been watered down to creating a sales pitch preying on readers lust to know the latest scandal instead of forcing them to learn the facts and take action. Even more disheartening, it's not their fault.
How To Rescue Society Of The Concept Of Smoker's Rights.
          Smoking is a choice, despite what cigarette companies want you to believe. You choose to start, and you can choose to stop whenever you want. So when did this concept of "smoker's rights" come to pass? Why do you get special treatment for something that you have complete control over?
Why Are Donating Blood And Drinking Jager Bad For You?
          Here I present to you two life lessons that I unfortunately had to learn the hard way. While both tales have similar endings, the stories themselves are as different as can be. I hope that you learn from these, and do not make the same mistakes that I did. For as you will see, all the glitters is not gold. And even if it is gold, you may not want it as much as you think...
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